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Ion 134 Wheel 18x10 5x127 Matte Gunmetal -19mm

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Details & Specs

The Ion 134 Wheel is a high-performance wheel designed for off-road enthusiasts. With a size of 18x10, a gunmetal black finish, and a 5x127 bolt pattern, this wheel is built to tackle any terrain. It features a -19mm offset for added stability and control. Whether you're conquering rocky trails or muddy paths, this wheel is up for the challenge.

Key Features:

  • Size: 18x10
  • Finish: Gunmetal Black
  • Bolt Pattern: 5x127 (5x5)
  • Offset: -19mm


  • High-performance construction
  • Built for off-road enthusiasts
  • Suitable for various terrain conditions
  • Provides stability and control
  • Enhances the overall performance of your vehicle
  • Easy installation
  • Adds a rugged and aggressive look to your vehicle

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