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Mayhem Warrior Wheel 22x12 5x127 & 5x139.7 Gloss Black Machined -44mm

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Details & Specs

The Mayhem Warrior 8015 Wheel in Black Machined is a powerful and rugged choice for your vehicle. With its bold design and impressive size, this wheel commands attention on the road. The 22x12 size provides a wide and aggressive stance, while the 5x127, 5x5 & 5x5.5 bolt pattern ensures a perfect fit for a variety of vehicles. The -44mm offset adds to the aggressive look of the wheel and enhances the overall performance of your vehicle.

Key Features:

  • 22x12 size
  • Black machined design
  • 5x127, 5x5 & 5x5.5 bolt pattern
  • -44mm offset


  • Powerful and rugged appearance
  • Wide and aggressive stance
  • Perfect fit for a variety of vehicles
  • Enhanced performance

Upgrade your vehicle with the Mayhem Warrior 8015 Wheel in Black Machined and conquer the road in style.

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