About Us

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The world's first hybrid AI and open web search engine for tires and wheels.

Tire Robot - The world's first AI-powered tire search engine.

Our Mission: Simplify Your Tire Search. Finding the right tires or wheels for your vehicle can be no fun. The endless options, confusing terminology, does it fit? Bouncing back and forth between vendors and search engines can feel like a never ending maze with countless dead ends.

We're the world's first AI-powered tire search engine, designed to simplify and personalize tire and wheel shopping. Instead of navigating through confusing filters and dropdowns, simply tell us what you're looking for, and our hybrid search system will do the rest.

Tire Robot cuts through the clutter, analyzing thousands of expert reviews and user ratings to deliver personalized tire recommendations that match your unique driving style, vehicle needs, and budget.

What Sets Us Apart

We're not just another marketplace. We're a new kind of search engine designed to make finding the perfect tires or wheels effortless.

Tire Robot combines the power of AI with our extensive database of tires/wheels, fitment data, and industry expertise to deliver trusted, personalized results. This saves you countless hours of research and ensures you get the most relevant options for your needs.

Our unique hybrid approach begins with AI-powered recommendations that go beyond simple keyword matching. By understanding the context and meaning behind your search, we can pinpoint the items that best align with your needs.

To give you a complete picture, we complement these recommendations with unfiltered web results from the open web. This dual approach combines the depth of our curated data with the breadth of the internet, providing a comprehensive view of your options.

With Tire Robot, you get the best of both worlds: intelligent, personalized recommendations and access to a wide range of unfiltered results.


We don't ask you to log in or share any of your personal data. Our recommendations are based purely on your question. We don't need to identify you to give you good results or a good experience.

Be part of the future of search

We see a future where search engines are built by subject experts tailored to your specific needs and interests. The time of one-size-fits-all search engines and marketplaces is over. AI has unlocked the potential for small teams to challenge the giants in search.

With the current technology we can build topic and industry specific search engines with both deep and broad expert knowledge that better serves users and give back some power to businesses that know their subject better than a search engine or AI alone. We believe Tire Robot is the first, but there will be many more following in the days to come.

Join us as we redefine how you search and discover. Experience the future of tire and wheel shopping with Tire Robot and be part of a movement that's changing the way we find information online.