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Ultra 450C Toil Van Wheel 17x8 5x130 Chrome 60mm

$ 195.97

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Details & Specs

The Ultra Toil Van 450C Wheel is a versatile wheel designed specifically for vans. Whether you use your van for work or leisure, this wheel is the perfect addition to enhance both the appearance and functionality of your vehicle. With its chrome finish and sturdy construction, the Ultra Toil Van 450C Wheel is built to last.

Key Features:

  • Size: 17x8 inches
  • Bolt Pattern: 5x130
  • Offset: 60mm


  • Enhanced durability and strength
  • Improved handling and stability
  • Sleek chrome finish that gives your van a stylish look
  • Compatible with a wide range of tires
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting performance

Upgrade your van with the Ultra Toil Van 450C Wheel and experience a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

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