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Pirelli P Zero Run Flat Tire 245/30R19 89Y 220AAA BW

$ 345.97

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Details & Specs

The Pirelli P Zero Run Flat Tire is a high-performance tire that combines outstanding performance with advanced run flat technology. Designed for sports cars and high-powered vehicles, this tire offers exceptional traction and handling in both wet and dry conditions. With its run flat technology, you can confidently drive even after a puncture or loss of pressure, ensuring your safety on the road. The tread design of this tire provides excellent grip and stability, while its reinforced sidewalls improve cornering and steering response. If you're looking for a tire that provides uncompromising performance and safety, the Pirelli P Zero Run Flat Tire is the perfect choice.

Key Features:

  • High-performance tire for sports cars and high-powered vehicles
  • Run flat technology for continued driving after a puncture
  • Excellent traction and handling in wet and dry conditions
  • Reinforced sidewalls for improved cornering and steering response


  • Uncompromising performance for a thrilling driving experience
  • Peace of mind knowing you can continue driving even after a puncture
  • Enhanced safety and control on wet and dry roads
  • Improved cornering and steering response for better handling

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